Day 4


Cherylann is not writing today’s post.  She is tending to other matters of importance and has again left today’s posting in my hands.

I thought I might update you on the progress of the Vest – for those of you interested in the evolution of the project.  (For background on this topic see also Days 23, 15, and 13.)

Initially pleased, Cherylann wore the vest to work last week.  She looked quite nice, I must say.  However, the neckline tugged and the vest worked it’s way up to a rather unflattering display in spite of the stylish belt she wore.  The vest is now carefully folded and residing in a drawer. 

Cherylann is musing (Ha!  I made myself laugh!) over the ramifications of this storage.  I think our best bet is to rrrrrippppp out the neckline and shoulders, increase the shoulder length above the neckline and resew the neckline seam.

For those of you who don’t understand knitting, suffice it to say that a modification is required.  The risk of not making the modification is banishing the vest to a drawer, never to be worn.  The upside in taking the risk and the time to modify is loving the vest.  In any event, another try will confirm the garment’s worth as a garment, or reveal it’s potential as another project.  Yes – rrrriiiippppp. 

The key to creation is remembering that alchemy is possible.  Nothing is lost in God’s or Goddess’s economy.  In the heat of disappointment, this is difficult to hear.

I’m humming Bridge over Troubled Water.  I wonder how long it will take for Cherylann to hear me.

As always, please extend my greetings to your own goddess.  May you enjoy singing whatever songs are on your program today.

– the Goddess


About Cherylann

I live a patch-work quilt of a life filled with Family, fiber, flowers, birds, books, psychology, spirituality. Not so much with: cooking (I can do it, I don't like it), gardening (overwaterer, underwaterer: everything eventually dies) :)
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