Day 0

I made it.  I posted everyday for 30 days – and this?  This is my bonus day!  The Sum of What I Learned By Posting For 30 Days.

Proofread carefully, Publish onceevery time you press Publish, another new version of your post is sent to your e-mail subscribers.  To my subscribers:  I am SO Sorry.  I had no idea until 5to9Foodies did the same thing to me.

Writing everyday is not hard; having a worthy piece to post every day is quite challenging and time-consuming.

Not everything one writes needs to be posted.  I have a lot more to say then I realized.  Some stuff is best kept off-line – I was reluctant to post some stories in my blog for that reason.  It’s ok – their time will come.

Writing will stir up more memories and stories and ideas.  Writing has therapeutic properties that can take one’s breath away.  Writing slows the thought process down long enough for peripheral memories to emerge and change perceptions about what we think we remember.

A little visual is helpful. Color, a photo, or a clip of art makes a big difference in the attractiveness of the blog to the reader as well as to the creator.

Duets are fun.  My Goddess likes writing, too.  She’s contemplating her own blog.  We are both quite a-muse-d by that.

Comments and Likes are life’s blood to a blogging writer.  It is as blessed to give as to receive.  There are some amazing and creative writers and artists creating blogs clogging the blogosphere. . .blogging the clogosphere. . .out there on the web.

Titles are two-edged swords.  Using a generic title requires an appropriate picture or introductory sentence to grab someone’s attention.  Descriptive titles require strategic word choices to succinctly reflect the content of the blog.

Writing well requires both commitment to and learning from the process. I enjoyed the writing process (mostly) – and found that as the month progressed it became both easier and more difficult to put into words exactly what I wanted to convey.  Some posts were terrible; some were well-written; some still require editing.  Some may be invited to live again.

To be continued. . .  I will continue to write daily, and I will continue to blog – just not every day. Frequency yet to be determined.

Thanks to all of you who encouraged me with your Likes and Comments.  Your feedback  was fuel for the journey.

~Cherylann                      &                       ~the Goddess


About Cherylann

I live a patch-work quilt of a life filled with Family, fiber, flowers, birds, books, psychology, spirituality. Not so much with: cooking (I can do it, I don't like it), gardening (overwaterer, underwaterer: everything eventually dies) :)
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