the Goddess’s Caveat & Quote


Welcome to 2013.  Cherylann and I wish you all the best in whatever adventures are to be yours in the coming twelve months. 

You may expect to hear from me from time to time – but not in any predictable pattern.   I enjoy making my comments and sharing my wisdom.  Weaving disparate things together is also a favorite pastime.   I am, however, apt to become a bit owl-y from time to time; try not to take it personally.

My gift to you today is the following quote – apropos for this day.

Perhaps the best reason for having calendars and for marking life in years is that the cycle itself offers hope.  We need fresh starts and new chances; the conviction that beginnings remain available, no matter how many we have blown.  And the yearly clock can start anywhere along the way.
–Louden Wainwright

As always, please extend my greetings to your own goddess.  May you enjoy singing whatever songs are on your program today.

– the Goddess


About Cherylann

I live a patch-work quilt of a life filled with Family, fiber, flowers, birds, books, psychology, spirituality. Not so much with: cooking (I can do it, I don't like it), gardening (overwaterer, underwaterer: everything eventually dies) :)
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