Process vs Product

I recently stumbled upon a knitter’s blog wherein she called herself both a process and a product knitter. It gave me pause as I considered my current situation in terms of Process and Product – and in so doing, realized that these terms have a relationship to my previous post regarding progress and reflection. Another pair of siblings.

In terms of knitting (or cooking), process means one enjoys the knitting of the thing primarily;


product means one primarily enjoys having/wearing/giving (or eating) the final product.

productOf course, this points me in the direction of our current state of near retirement – which is what we have been working for. I’m not sure I’m ready to live as product – I am still in process. I hope.

This leads me to the word perfect (which, as my husband will gladly tell you, “is the opposite of good enough“).  Perfect is a word passed down from the Greek meaning “completed”. completion

I frequently tell my clients that to strive for perfection be is to be without possibility for change.  In other words, dead – as in “Jesus’ life was perfected in his death”. I offer them the alternative to perfect/dead in the concept of good enough. Again process vs product.

The question becomes: Can we be both? Not only do I think we can, I think we must. We must be versatile to really live in this space of grace we have been given – living the everyday things as well as the big events. Living the disappointments and the achievements. The sorrows and the joys. The process AND the product.

So why agonize over a choice not required?  Why choose at all?  We can have it both ways by embracing the dichotomy.  Perhaps a rich life is lived not from the stance of Either/Or but from a position of Both/And. A whole, imperfect, process and product, progress and reflection, good enough, messy life.

At least until we’re perfected.perfection

About Cherylann

I live a patch-work quilt of a life filled with Family, fiber, flowers, birds, books, psychology, spirituality. Not so much with: cooking (But getting better)), gardening (overwaterer, underwaterer: things regularly die) :)
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