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Offense Taken

The news is addictive. Observing the reactivity to the current president and his machinations are prime addiction material – there’s always something going on – something about which to Take Offense. I come from a family where drama flows in … Continue reading

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Late again, eh, Cratchit??

When Bob Cratchit attempts to steal into work the morning after Christmas, Scrooge accosts him with this welcome:  “Late again, eh, Cratchit!”  Of course, Bob is late, having spent Christmas Day devouring the prize goose with his family.  Unbeknownst to … Continue reading

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Addressing Me

During this time of changing residences, people won’t know where to find me physically, but they will know how to find me virtually.  There are many and various methods for that – mobile phone, text, voice-mail, e-mail, internet fax, website, … Continue reading

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