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Images without photographs

Stuff I saw this week: ~A man with only one leg shoving his sidewalk – he hopped between scooping shovels-full of snow: scoop-hop/scoop-hop. ~Two people wrapped in blankets running down NE Washington Avenue toward the bus stop – it was … Continue reading

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Late again, eh, Cratchit??

When Bob Cratchit attempts to steal into work the morning after Christmas, Scrooge accosts him with this welcome:  “Late again, eh, Cratchit!”  Of course, Bob is late, having spent Christmas Day devouring the prize goose with his family.  Unbeknownst to … Continue reading

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The Goddess & I go a-Knitting

Being a 2nd-shift wife, I have tended to default to TV in my solitude this January.  Last Friday night, it was time to do something other than watch the box.  The local yarn shop (the one that also teaches spinning) … Continue reading

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