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Late again, eh, Cratchit??

When Bob Cratchit attempts to steal into work the morning after Christmas, Scrooge accosts him with this welcome:  “Late again, eh, Cratchit!”  Of course, Bob is late, having spent Christmas Day devouring the prize goose with his family.  Unbeknownst to … Continue reading

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Revenge of the Kitchen Girl

Throughout the last half of our 35 years together, Rick has referred to me as the Kitchen Girl.  He makes reference to my slaving away at preparing and cleaning up meals, of course.  He’s not a lot of help, but … Continue reading

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Reflecting on Progress

We’re on the move again.  Boxes, tape, take-out, late nights, trips to the donation centers (I thought we said we’d given up collecting stuff after the last move!) laughing, snapping — all the accoutrements of moving one’s life.  My Beloved … Continue reading

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